Chateau de Saint Privat des Pres Wedding Photographer | Jacob and Pauline

Wedding at Chateau de Saint Privat des Pres

Chateau de Saint Privat des Pres Wedding Photographer | Linsey and James

A wedding in the South of France is a dream destination. On the day that Linsey and James tied the knot, we had the joy of being the Chateau de Saint-Privat-des-Pres wedding photographer. The quaint little village in the Dordogne region was the fairytale setting for this lovely couple, who had met seven years previously through a mutual friend. They shared with us that their chemistry wasn’t instant, but by the time James proposed in France during an intense thunderstorm, Linsey had truly been smitten with her gorgeous groom.

This village seemed to have been dreamed into reality for this wedding. With a church, one pub and a stunning rustic yet beautiful chateau, everything was within walking distance. The whole day had a relaxed charm, especially as the bride walked to church with her friends and family! Linsey enjoys the arts and cinema, and James is a big rugby fan, although they both have a mutual love of travel. They had spent many happy times in this region of France, due to James’ parents owning a farmhouse in the area.

As preparations began, we spent time with James and his friends at the one and only pub in the village, where he enjoyed a little ‘Dutch courage’ before the big event. The whitewashed walls of the village buildings had a calm and stillness about them, almost in reverence to the special event that was soon to take place. Linsey was with her parents and friends, being pampered and taking some quiet moments to reflect. Her chic hairstyle framed her face perfectly, showing a frisson of fashionable drama yet it was feminine and romantic. Paired with her backless streamlined gown with touches of soft lace, it was like an elegant dream. She was truly a gorgeous bride.

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Wedding at Chateau de Saint Privat des Pres 

This beautiful couple said their vows in the church on the main square. Its high edifice outside and its stunning architecture within allowed us to capture some amazingly theatrical images, which is a photographer’s dream come true. After the ceremony, everyone left the cool of the church and emerged into the warmth of the sunshine behind this newly married couple, and they walked triumphantly through a feathery arcade of confetti. 

It was now time for cocktails, and at the poolside in the gorgeous chateau courtyard, the aquamarine sky reflected prettily on the water. There was a relaxed atmosphere as the musicians played some chilled guitar music. Trestle tables laden with pretty decorations awaited the guests as they sat down to a delicious feast of fine French food and listened to the clever and witty speeches, with just a hint of emotion thrown in to make it extra special. Glasses were raised many times with true love and friendship in the air in toast of the lovely new couple. 

Later on, the backdrop of stunning chateau and abundant flowers allowed us to capture some quiet embraces between Linsey and James. Here, we wanted to deliver some images that they had been hoping for. They had chosen us after doing a lot of research on wedding photographers and wanted us to capture them in our signature style – a timeless quality that offers classic beauty yet elegance. We also had a wonderful time getting some shots of them taking a quiet moment in the empty village. The stillness of the village gave an almost filmic quality to their images that will spark the fondest of memories always.

No wedding would be complete without everyone letting their hair down and enjoying some food, wine and music. In the rustic barn during the early evening, everyone gathered together again to enjoy Linsey and James cutting their ‘cake’ – in their case a traditional French croquembouche, and they did it with true style, using sparklers! 

Fairy lights and gilded decorations were touched by the flickering glimmer of candlelight as all ages and generations gathered together on the dancefloor and partied into the small hours. This was a wedding that combined simplicity and style, with an exclusive feeling yet warm and friendly. Getting to do the Chateau de Saint-Privat-des-Pres wedding photography at the nuptials of James and Linsey was an experience we will never forget.