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Peggy Porschen Couple Shoot | Daisy and Deng

London is always a popular venue for engagement shoots and in this particular series we got to do the Peggy Porschen pre wedding photography series with a lovely couple, Daisy and Deng. A young, stylish couple from China, they felt that London would be a timeless and enchanting place to have their engagement pictures taken – ones that they would be able to enjoy for the rest of their lives together. There was a lot of excitement and modernity about these images, because it brought together elements of the couple’s Asian heritage together with a classic London setting and also pulled in modern elements of style and fashion – a really exciting opportunity for our cameras.


Pre wedding shoot at Peggy PorschenPeggy Porschen Couple Shoot 4peggy porschen engagement shoot

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Pre wedding shoot at peggy porschen cakes

Daisy chose to wear a luxurious and flowing red dress for the first part of the session, which was a nod to the Chinese wedding tradition of the bride wearing red for prosperity, luck and abundance in married life. At the iconic Horse Guards Parade, with its pristine pale edifice and forbidding architecture that has stood the test of time, Daisy’s striking dress really stood out in a totally iconic and photogenic way, making this a great moment for some photographs as engagement photographer london. Deng wore a high end couture tailored tuxedo, and really held his own with confidence and an understated charm that really came across when he looked into Daisy’s eyes. 

The sky was a brilliant blue, so together with the monochrome of Deng’s suit, the pastel tones of the Royal buildings in the distance and Daisy’s opulent gown, they culminated in a truly charming palette of joyous love and romance and the colors poured into our camera like magic. The weather was truly gorgeous, as was this lovely couple. Soon, we moved to the famous St. James’ Park, much loved by all Londoners, tourists and of course it is basically in the Queen’s back garden, being so close to Buckingham Palace. This brought a further element of grandeur and glamour to the photoshoot and we really enjoyed bringing this to life within our lens. The ancient trees within the park allowed dappled sunlight to filter through, and some magical moments were captured as the couple embraced, walked together and talked about their upcoming wedding, and revelled in each others’ excitement and anticipation.

Daisy then decided to throw a little fun twist in the tale on our pre wedding shoot at peggy porschen cakes and changed into a stunning white wedding gown, this time in a little nod to more modern European wedding traditions. We then had the pleasure of photographing them together with the gorgeous backdrop of Knightsbridge and its stunning architecture and Georgian buildings. Daisy’s elegant looks and stylish silhouette was coupled with the excellent tailoring of Deng’s suit allowing them to look entirely glamorous and utterly romantic as the beautiful buildings in the background seemed to transport them back in time to a bygone age.

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Of course, no pre-wedding shoot at Peggy Porschen could pass by without the couple sampling some of their utterly decadent cupcakes, along with some delicious coffee. In a rare moment of quiet and peace on the busy London streets, Daisy and Deng sat outside this fairytale cake shop and allowed it to frame their happiness in all its sweet candy colored glory. They laughed, ate and shared kisses as they enjoyed the ambiance and utter delight of this amazingly creative and special venue. The seasonal flowers and pretty pink cupcakes added another fun dimension to this special photoshoot, and the couple’s happiness was truly mesmerising. We wish Daisy and Deng much love, luck and happiness in their marriage together – may your love always be sweet and sparkling as at our peggy porschen engagement shoot.



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