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Intimate Wedding at Spanish Villa

Spain is a country that embraces celebration, romance and family. They do this through their appreciation of food, wine and special occasions. For us, working as the Villa Candela en La Colina Wedding Photographer for Katie and Ben’s wedding meant that we got to experience this joy and festivity first hand. Close to Marbella, the Villa was the perfect setting for this easy going couple to have their ceremony, and since they had family and friends from all over the world, it was a great meeting point for everyone to come together. 

Absolutely everything was held outdoors, so it was of course fortunate that that bright Spanish sun was smiling down on us all day. This unique setting was stunning, as the Villa is nestled at the head of a sweeping valley, with the Mediterranean glinting in the distance, a line of pure blue that has true magic in its depths. Around the Villa are little private pathways and secluded corners with classic whitewashed walls and pretty tiles, surrounded by lush greenery and exotic plants. This setting was truly magical. 

Marbella Wedding Photographers
Villa Candela en la colina Wedding Photographer
Marbella wedding photographers
villa candela wedding photographer
Marbella wedding photographers
Villa Candela en la colina Wedding Photographer

Villa Candela en la Colina Wedding Photographer

Having been introduced through mutual friends, this couple had a large friendship group, all of whom were included in the day – yes, there were sixteen of them! Ben and his men opted for light cream suits, perfectly complementing the tones in the women’s gowns, elegant yet modern. Katie’s dress was a vision of romance. Soft lines, flowing drapes and beautiful lace detailing that was unique and only added to her natural beauty. This couple had joked that they were as photogenic as potatoes but as we found when we were with them, this was far from the case!

Having proposed at Christmas with Katie’s Grandmother’s ring, Ben was a thoughtful and romantic groom, and Katie was just smiling from ear to ear all day. The ceremony took place outside, with a sweeping vista behind and grand arrangements of flowers to frame the special moment. There literally wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. A light breeze allowed Katie’s veil to flutter prettily as they spoke their vows and we were able to capture a beautiful romantic kiss afterwards. Laughter was everywhere, as they walked back down the aisle, as they exchanged embraces with family and friends over a glass of wine, and soon it was time to sneak off for some newlywed photos by us as Marbella Wedding Photographers. 

Katie and Ben had decided on us as their Villa Candela Wedding Photographer as they wanted a bright and fun vibe, but also wanted the elegance and beauty that they felt our images could capture for them. This couple and the venue allowed us to be able to work our magic – they enjoyed some private moments around the gardens and were so natural and full of fun and giggles. 

The speeches and meal came next, and there was so much laughter and yes of course a few tears, as both families had gone through a difficult year. But there was a true sense of family love and support and it came across just how lucky everyone felt to be together on such a special day. It felt like a turning point towards happier times for them all. A real talking point for the decor of the tables was the flowers – they were beyond perfection, appealing to Katie’s passion for beautiful decor and they were a true celebration of natural beauty and romance. 

The sun began to slowly set as the sweet sounds of the saxophone drifted across the pool, and the guests took to their tables to eat, drink and be together to celebrate this lovely couple and their future together. Katie and Ben had hoped to give their guests a sense of atmosphere and occasion, for them to feel relaxed and to revel in an elegant experience and this day truly delivered on all their dreams. A sense of togetherness, appreciation and tenderness pervaded the entire group, and they made sure to dance and celebrate together long into the night, making beautiful memories to last a lifetime. 




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